Ethical Food Shopping Using Blockchain?

Published Date
June 9, 2019

Want to be "on trend?" Well you just have to know where your food came from of course (not just the local supermarket). Luckily, using blockchain technology, you can now know where your coffee beans were grown, where your ground beef was produced, where your tuna (sushi) was caught and on and on. Which means you can even become an.......ethical shopper.

Yes, blockchain tracking can allow you to be an ethical food connoisseur. Tracking food sources can make sure that coffee bean grower was paid a fair price, the ground beef was raised in an animal friendly environment and that tuna was not caught by "bootleg" fishermen. Or, if you are REALLY "food current," what lab was your dinner created in. Blockchain has made food safer since the source can be documented, tracked in transit and safely stored. all the while making the end buyer a more ethical eater. Pretty cool.

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