Gold - Digital Asset Portfolio

Portfolio Construction

The portfolio invests up to 75% of funds in physical gold via either an ExchangeTraded Fund that directly holds physical gold or a tokenized digital asset backed by physical gold. Up to 25% of the remaining invested funds are invested in the top five cryptocurrencies (by market cap) including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. 

The portfolio aims to offer exposure to the cryptocurrency sector with a defined 25% risk exposure while dampening the volatility via holding physical gold.

The portfolio is designed for capital appreciation and can be considered a “defensive” portfolio in relation to overall financial markets.

The portfolio will be rebalanced quarterly.

Minimum Investment and Fee Structure

  • Currently offered as a Separately Managed Account (SMA)
  • The portfolio is offered to investors with a Net Worth of at least $1MM and requires a minimum investment amount of $100,000

Sample Performance Assuming a $10MM Portfolio Consutructed as Follows

75% Physical Gold
20% Bitcoin
5% Ethereum

Gold Swan Portfolio Returns

Monthly returns are depicted for information purposes only; portfolios are rebalanced quarterly

Additional terms and information on the Entoro Wealth Gold - Digital Asset
Separately Managed Account program are available.